Thursday, June 9, 2011

FREE Father's Day Gifts at Vistaprint!!! (Just Pay Shipping) AND MORE!!

Thank you to my friends at She Saved, I was alerted to a deal Vistaprint has right now to get 6 Father's Day gifts FREE!

When you go to the website highlights the 6 Free products you can get on the first page. They include a mug, t-shirt, business cards, mouse pad, photo flip book, and desk calendar. I started with customizing a t-shirt.  That was pretty easy, although I had to type pretty slow.  Be sure to proofread very carefully! After that it gets a little tricky.  I could not get back to the first page that highlighted the 6 free gifts.  Very frustrating. I then went to type in the free products in a search box, only to find there was no search box.  I had to go to the homepage (which was different from my first screen) and click on the "Free Products" category both under "Business" and "Home & Family."  I managed to find the free desk calendar.  I could not however locate the free mug, mouse pad or photo flip book.  Business cards I found but I didn't want those.  I noticed that there were other free products available such as pens, invitations, rubber stamps, bumper stickers & checks.  So, in my first order I got a t-shirt, desk calendar, pen, and bumper sticker.  I paid $6.82 in shipping.  I then was able to start over again at  I placed a second order for a mug, pen, bumper sticker, and 10 invitations and paid $6.61 in shipping.  Not to shabby to get all of that for a grand total of $13.43.  I am using the t-shirt, mug, pens, desk calendar, 1 bumper sticker (for a craft) for Father's Day gifts.  I am using the other bumper sticker as a colorful way to label a notebook and the invitations I customized with a princess theme for my daughters 1st birthday.  Her birthday is not for a few months, but I did not want to pay extra shipping at a later time & I can still add all the details to the invitation very easily by myself & still have it look professional.  So get your creative juices flowing!