Sunday, September 21, 2014

Join the Farm Large Share Meal Plan - from the 9/18/14 Box

Here are some recipes for this week's share - Enjoy!
-Imperator Carrot
-Black Beauty Eggplant
-Green Curly Leaf Lettuce
-Italian Basil
-Sugar Baby Watermelon
-San Marzano Tomato  (saucing)
-Hass Avocado
-Canary Melon
-Green Bush Beans
-Heirloom Bloomsdale  Spinach
-Cherry/Jellybean Tomato
-Heirloom Brandywine  Tomato
-Butternut Winter Squash

Thursday Boxes:
-Acorn Winter Squash
-Heirloom Bloomsdale  Spinach
Crock Pot Spaghetti Sauce - I used botht the San Marzano and Heirloom Tomatoes


And finally enjoy some salads as lunch & accompanying your dinners!

Friday, September 19, 2014

A Snippet of the Life of Karen, aka Mom, Snippet #1

It's 12:06am as I write this.  Tonight I did not pack lunches until 11:37pm.  I'm out of my routine.  I'm tired, yet energized.  My body aches for sleep but my mind is inspired and wants to do so much!  I experience this quite often.  I spent the evening with some amazing and inspiring ladies.  I feel filled with support, camaraderie (I just had to look up how to spell that!), and self realization.  Sometimes I have shied away from doing certain activities, even fun things because my life is too busy or I'm too tired.  I am so glad when I push through.  And you know what's weird?  I seem to find myself more productive, and often less stressed when I engage in things that take me away from the hustle bustle hamster wheel of life's mundane duties.  I pushed myself to get a few things done this afternoon, and was happy with that.  I would have gladly gone to bed with the house in that state of cleanliness.  Heck, I slept with laundry the other night because I was to exhausted!  To my surprise I came home to an even cleaner house with the dishwasher going and coffee set to brew for the next morning.  Thank you amazing husband!  I truly believe when you throw positive stuff out to the universe, positive comes back, even if it's in the form of little things you take joy in, like a picked up living room. 

My challenge to you:  Step off the hamster wheel of the mundane & do something different today!


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Join the Farm Large Share Meal Plan - Week of 9/1/14

Here is my plan for this week's box!

Large Share
Imperator Carrot
Italian Basil
Tomatillo (subbed with some kind of pepper for us - perhaps Jalepenos)
Romaine Lettuce
Cherry Tomato/Jellybean Tomato
Lemongrass Herb
Sugar Baby Watermelon
Sweet Bi-Color Corn
Green Onion
Yolo Wonder Bell Pepper
Brandywine Heirloom Tomato (Slicing)
San Marzano Tomato (Saucing)
Ruby Lettuce
Bloomsdale Heirloom Spinach
Hass Avocado

*Salad made with Ruby Lettuce, Carrot, Cherry Tomato, Roasted Corn, Bell Pepper, Green Onion & Avocado.

*Omelette Additions:  Tomato, Green Onion, Avocado, Spinach

How to Freeze Melon (I have a ton right now so I'm freezing some for smoothies!)