Friday, April 3, 2020

Quarantine Virtual Happy Hour Games via Microsoft Teams

Wow has our world changed lately!  Since we are all staying home, even the happy hour has changed.  I was tasked at work to come up with ways to play happy hour games via Microsoft Teams.  We wanted to bring our team together at the end of the week to celebrate a week of accomplishments in this new world with some lighthearted fun.  Here is a collection of games we've played and how we've made them work on the Teams platform.  I'd love to hear other ideas too in the comments!  All of these games were arranged via a Teams Meeting.  I'll be adding more . . . Enjoy!

1) Trivia:

  • Split into teams.
  • Choose a set of Trivia Questions - there are many options online, like this one:
  • Keep score and determine the score goal to win.
  • Want to add some extra fun to your trivia and scorekeeping?  Check out the Horse Race Game template HERE and customize!  It's fun to see the horses cross the finish line.  

2)  Pictionary:

  • Split your group into 2-4 teams.  I chose the team colors to be the same as the pen colors offered in Microsoft Blackboard app, blue, green, red and black.  You may want to have people sign up via a shared spreadsheet first, or just randomly split into teams via the chat when the meeting starts.  
  • Each team takes turn.  The first team picks someone to draw.  I individually messaged that person the randomly generated password via
  • A note on the Pictionary Generator:  There are 4 levels; easy, medium, hard and really hard.  I'd start with medium or hard.  
  • They have 1 minute to draw.
  • Use the Whiteboard app in Teams - you can find this as an option when you go to share your screen.  We found it easiest to just leave the whiteboard up - everyone on the call can use it, but only one team at a time draws.  Erase after each round.