Monday, February 20, 2017

5 Tips on How to Survive the Nuttiest of Nutty Weeks!

We all have them - the nuttiest of nutty, crazy busy weeks!  Even with our best efforts to minimize our activities and commitments they are still bound to happen on occasion.  So, how do you dive into weeks like these?  Here are a few tips which help me a lot.

1)  Go to Bed Early!  If you are a fellow night owl like me, this may seem like the opposite of what you need to do.  However, the added enegy and clarity from even an extra hour of sleep a night will be well worth it!

2)  Meal Plan:  If you can foresee the nutty week on your calendar, make sure you have simple go to recipes planned ahead for that week, write it down, and even plan a night or 2 to eat out if need be. So much stress will be lifted by planning things out.  You will also be assuring that you get some nutrition in yourself.  Be sure some snacks are packed in your purse/bag for the week too.

3)  Do a Mind Sweep Every Day: I recently learned this in a Getting Things Done seminar.  Take a few moments each day to write out everything that comes in mind that you need to do, attend to, call, etc. and write it down.  Capture it in whatever to do list/calendaring system you use, and revisit daily to make sure it's captured.

4)  Delegate as Much as Possible: If there is something in your week you can delegate or pass on to someone else, do it!

5)  Breathe Deeply!  Take some moments to be aware of your breathing patterns.  Take deep breaths and pray or meditate.  Sometimes just acknowledging our stress and place in this amazing universe can help bring calm and peace.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

February: Focus on Love

Do what you love.
Spend more time with the people you love.

Sounds simple, right?  If you sit back and examine your schedule, are you living this out?  Examine it one more time; Are you REALLY living this out?  I asked myself this very question this month and the answer was sadly no.  I have been the victim of what plagues many today:  I'm too darn busy and it's all my fault!

Today we live in the age of the internet, with literally everything at our fingertips.  Do you want to learn a new skill?  There are YouTube videos that will teach you.  Did you hear about an amazing DIY recipe for homemade lip balm?  You can do that.  You can pin thousands of items on your Pinterest interest boards "to get to one day," perhaps not realizing the subtle stress you can put on yourself for those "one day" to-do's.  For families, you have the whole family schedule to manage in addition to your own which can prove to be crazy.  Then, if you happen to be like me, there are so many things I have volunteered to help with, and even enjoyed at one time or another, but the sheer volume of things I have said yes to is stripping that joy away.  You can change, and you can start RIGHT NOW!

Here are some things to start with if you are feeling overwhelmed.  Keep in mind that this may not be a quick and easy fix.  Be mindful to not just strip items off your schedule without giving careful thought to the implications.  You may have a commitment you need to finish in its entirety first.  So look at that end date of that commitment, and then do not take on another.  The "one in, one out" rule may work great for your wardrobe, but please exercise caution with this rule and your schedule!  Not until you get to he point where you are truly experiencing absolutely loving the activities you partake in and the people you spend time with, does the "one in, one out" rule for your schedule work.  (And yes, there will always be things like paying bills and cleaning house that we have to do, yet do not absolutely love!)

1)  Take some time out to identify:  what do you love to do, and who do you love to spend time with?
2)  Identify items taking too much of your time.  Make an action plan to simplify.
3)  If you feel stuck, like there are items you just cannot let go of or feel committed to, talk through your struggles with a friend, family member, counselor, life coach, professional organizer, someone who can help you prioritize and figure out a system that works for you.  If you find yourself not loving your line of work, perhaps some soul searching of a career change may be on the horizon. I am glad to report that by going through these steps myself, I am feeling the weights lift off!  I have a few commitments that will take a bit of time to finish out, but the end is in sight and I feel great about finishing those projects in their entirety.

Ultimately, take the steps to spend your precious time and energy on the things and people you LOVE!