Sunday, May 24, 2020

Girl Scouts: Brownie Quest Journey - Adapting for At-Home Completion

If you have a Girl Scout in 2020, chances are a lot has had to be modified for online and at-home completion of projects.  My Brownie Troop had started the Brownie Quest Journey just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit.  We decided to do the "Bee Prepared Not Scared" series through Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast together as a troop via Zoom meetings.  However, I wanted the girls to have a chance to complete the Brownie Quest Journey over the summer.  For those who had also completed the Wonder of Water Journey and the World of Girls Journey, this would give them the chance to earn the Brownie Summit pin, which can be carried on their vest year after year as they advance. Our troop is a 2nd year Brownie Troop.

Below you will find the Google Doc I adjusted to share with my Brownies and families to complete as an at home project this summer.  Download it and adapt to your troop as necessary.  *NOTE:  There is a poll in there about an activity for the girls to choose an incentive for their cookie sales achievements - you may or may not need that.   I put it in a fun padded envelope with a craft activity (putting bling on small mirrors), some patches they had earned (virtual meeting and an optional baking activity).  I also included the Brownie Quest patches, and the beads and materials for the Girl Scout Law SWAP.

PS - To reference the Family Star, Girl Scout Law Printables, and Community Service/Community Learning parts, see the Appendix from this resource:

Enjoy and Happy Girl Scouting! :)