Monday, October 29, 2012

Meal Plan for Abundant Harvest Large Box: Week of 10/28-11/3

I'm diving right back in to meal planning!  These meal plans will be based on the Abundant Harvest Organics Large Box.  In the past I would assign what days I'm making what recipe & post it on the blog.  While I am still doing that for my own use, I am just going to post the recipes here.  Everyone's schedule is different and you may want to do the super simple stuff on less busy days.  Enjoy!

Box Contents:
Bartlett Pears (Snacks & with breakfast cereals/oatmeal)
Green Beans
Lettuce (salads)
Peppers (salads & wraps/sandwiches)
Potatoes (Baking & Freezing a few in addition to recipes below)
Acorn Squash
Basil (Use in wraps/sandwiches)
Mini Pumpkins (just using for decor!)
Swiss Chard
Spinach (In addition to the recipe below, may throw some in smoothies)

Lemon & Garlic Spinach

Persimmon Sorbet

Sorrel and Garlic Soup

Savory Swiss Chard Pie

Harvest Stuffed Acorn Squash

Italian Green Beans & Potatoes