Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Join The Farm Large Box Meal Plan - Week of 05/25/14

Every now and then I get in a meal planning rut.  I've actually been in a meal planning rut for a few weeks!  It's time for a change and it's been a while since we've had a CSA box subscription.  This coming week I am excited to be starting up with Join the Farm.  They have numerous pick up locations as well as home delivery here in the Conejo Valley, including a new pick up location at Horizon Hills on Thursdays. Being the planner that I am, the only way I can ensure our family uses the whole box is if I make a plan.  I am happy to share this plan with you! I did not break this down by day, but you will see that this makes sure that every item has a plan or recipe.  My next step with this is to fill out my weekly calendar and pair these things with other meal items and decide if it's for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. Also note, I usually try to wash & prep the veggies the same day I get them.  This way they are ready to go and it facilitates easy snacking & meal prep.  I will include links to the recipes I am using below. 

Here's what is projected to be in the Large Box this week.  Please note that the contents may be slightly different based on their availability.  At least if you go in with a plan, if there are any changes, they will be easy to adjust to.

Large Shares


Ruby Lettuce
Rainbow Swiss Chard
Lemon Grass
Green Beans
Romaine Lettuce
Patty Pan Summer Squash
Ruby Beets
Green Onion
Heirloom Bloomsdale Spinach
Scarlet Nantes Carrot
Easter Egg Radish
Golden Nugget Mandarin Orange

I will be using the lemon to make some fresh lemon water and the mandarin oranges as snacks.  My kids will likely also munch on the fresh carrots as a snack - they usually start snacking on things as we unpack the box!

Some of the Spinach & Swiss Chard will be reserved to add some greens to our morning smoothies.

Salads for the week will be made in both a big bowl for dinner and prepackaged in canning jars for lunches utilizing the Ruby Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Carrot, Radish, Green Onion, Mandarin Orange.  I will also toss in some almonds and any dried fruit I have on hand.  

Salsa Verde - Tomatillos

Lemongrass Tea - Lemongrass

French Green Beans - Green Beans & some Green Onions (I'm subbing those for chives)

Beet Chips - Beets

(Parmesan can be easily subbed with vegan parmesan for a plant-based/vegan version)

Roasted Fennel with Parmesan - Fennel


Monday, May 12, 2014

Kindergarten Boot Camp - For Parents!

If your oldest child is starting Kindergarten this Fall, you probably know what school he/she is attending, worked on some basics they need to know, and prepped your child in some way for the exciting year coming up.  But have you prepped yourself?  As I sit here searching the web for Kindergarten and school prep techniques for parents, I'm finding that the majority of articles and information out there is for how to prep your child for Kindergarten.  Quite honestly, my kid is ready.  I think I am going to need the most prep!  Whether you work or are a stay at home parent, the schedule and prep work involved will most likely be a big change to your current schedule.  Here's what I am doing to help myself be prepared for Fall.  I usually write blogs after I've completed a project or process, but this time I am writing this beforehand, to give you enough time to schedule something like this into your calendar over the summer.

A few other moms at my child's preschool decided to have a Kindergarten Prep Night/Moms Night Out once a month, from May through August.  Each night a different mom will host and there will be a different subject on the table.  The host will research the topic of the night and present some inspiring and practical ideas she found.  Others will also bring ideas and we will discuss things we can do to prep, share recipes, family schedules, tips and tricks to make our lives easier in the coming year.  We also have in attendance some experienced moms who already have a child in elementary to help guide us and perhaps tell us the truth about rumors we've heard.  For example, even though we may get more of a break because the kids are in school, is life actually busier?  Do kids really start sleeping in instead of waking up early like they currently are?  Things like that.

Some topics we will cover (plus we will probably find more!) include:  Taking care of ourselves/putting our oxygen masks on first, making sure we get enough sleep, healthy snacks for parents, healthy & easy lunch packing ideas, breakfast ideas, homework/afternoon/evening routines, weekend activities to spur curiosity & imaginations, not over-scheduling, summer to-do's (like buying school supplies, clothes, uniforms, stocking up on freezer meals, etc.).  I'm sure we'll work some fun & wine in there somewhere too.