Friday, April 12, 2013

Train Table Upgrade

If you have children, chances are some, or a large portion of your home seems to be taken over by their stuff.  In some cases, even your own furniture is kid stuff!  We live in a 3 bedroom house.  A few months back we decided to have our 2 kids share a bedroom, and make the other room a playroom.  Being a small house, and wanting to put other things in their playroom, no matter what configuration we tried, we just could not fit the train table in there.  Our living room had lots of floor space, which we had welcomed when our kids were in the crawling around and exploring stage.  So, we put the train table in as a coffee table.  It definitely won my heart in functionality.  I now had something to spread out projects on, or place food and drinks on, and the kids love playing their games and toys on it.  However, it did not win my heart so much in the aesthetics category!  Bright kelly green, with the top layer peeling off and some holes where a train track once was connected to it.  But, for a $20 Craig's List find, not to bad right?  The top of the table even flipped over to reveal a road and airstrip!  Not quite the look I was going for in my living room.  This side was peeling even more!

Pinterest to the rescue!  I found this post about redoing a train table.

I used this faux leather contact paper.

It was a little tricky to get started, but like with any drawer or shelf lining project, once you get a rhythm going it gets easier.  There wee a few bumps and bubbles, which was to be expected, given the holes and peeling nature of the tabletop. I basically started at the top of each panel (there are 3), smoothed out a little at a time and worked my way down.  I also wrapped the excess around the sides and back of the panels.

Wrapping the excess around the edges makes the panels have an even tighter fit in the table.  It took some major shimmying and careful pounding to get them in place.  I am so pleased with the outcome!

One more detail to finish the project.  Once upon a time I took my labeling machine and labeled the drawers.  Some curious kiddos peeled those labels off and they took the finish off with them!  I had some extra Martha Stewart Chalkboard Labels laying around.  They were a bit too big to use on that spot, so I cut one in half and used it on each of the 2 side drawers.  I carefully tested them and they do not take the finish off with them.  I realize I do not have that beautiful chalkboard handwriting that you see at coffee shops highlighting the specials of the day!  I need to practice my chalk writing skills, but I am pleased!  My son is starting to recognize letters and spell words when he sees them, so this will also be some wonderful reading practice for the kids.