Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Resurrecting From the Baby & Toddler Years

Today I sit typing away reflecting on the past 6 wonderful years.  Truth:  I am absolutely exhausted. If life would permit, I feel like I need a week of vacation and pampering (like a personal vacation, not having to pack up the whole family and feed them the whole week!), a week of catching up with household duties, and a week of sleep!  I loved the baby & toddler years - there were so many cherished moments I reflect on and am reminded of when I hold friends babies.  I am so grateful that I had time to spend with my babies, going to mommy & me classes, and watching all of their firsts. It's bittersweet - as I cuddle with my kids at night, they are no longer the tiny little babies I held in my arms.  They are sooo big!  I am graduating to a new phase of parenthood.  I survived the craziness of long nights, messes absolutely everywhere, running around all day changing diapers, wiping faces, feeding, feeling like I just can't sit down or get anything done.  I remember a few years ago I had a friend whose youngest child was the same age as my oldest.  I was amazed at her and asked how on earth is she getting everything done?!  She's volunteering at her kids school, decorating her home so cute, dresses fashionably, and managing to cook actual good meals for dinner, all while seeming to have kids and household under control, hang out with friends and got some home business things done too.  I was a bit jealous.  Ok, I was very jealous!  I had to remind myself, I had a baby - I was not at the same life stage as her, and that was OK!  I really had to work on embracing the mess and chaos (so so hard for my organizing loving self!)  So, messes I have embraced.  I continue to embrace the chaos even as it changes.

Onward to this new phase.  Kids are in school and loving it!  My lack of sleep is only because of my own doing, being the night owl that I am.  My kids have been sleeping through the night for a long time.  I finally have a extra time to be uninterrupted in the morning, focusing on household duties, my blog, friendships, and helping others to get organized.  Oh - and volunteering!  I love being involved in my kids school and activities.  So, basically all of the work and exhaustion is not gone, but it has morphed a bit.  I now can see some light as to how my friend had time to do some of the things I so longed to do when I was knee deep in the baby and toddler phase.  I know it's the kitchy phrase I have rolled my eyes at in the past - but the years really do fly by. If you find yourself discouraged by the chaos, chin up and hold steady - it will morph before you know it!  

If you are knee deep in the baby & toddler stage, I leave you with some book recommendations that helped me to love and embrace that phase of life, and make things a bit easier along the way.  Enjoy!

From Briefcase to Diaper Bag:  How I Quit My Job, Stayed Home With My Kids, and Lived to Tell About It